Quality is built into the product. It is not what you put into it but what the patient gets out of it!

Serum products facilities are equipped with modernised and automated machinery complying with the latest international pharmaceutical industry requirements. We are highly sensitive to quality and strictly adhere to GMP principles. Serum Products has put in place a solid quality assurance system in compliance with GMP requirements and ISO 9001: 2008 standards to ensure consistency of the product quality and patient safety.

Serum Products system is continuously monitored and controlled by highly qualified and trained personnel throughout the whole product lifecycle from selection and reception of raw materials to manufacturing and distribution of our products. All our processes are validated and our equipment is qualified to ensure safe and reliable products.

Our quality control laboratories are supplied with the latest sophisticated instruments to perform stringent quality control analysis complying with international standards and to guarantee the quality of our products as per the latest requirements of US pharmacopeia.

We at Serum Products strongly believe in customers’ satisfaction. We are highly involved and committed through our interrelated system in building a strong and fruitful relationship with our customers by delivering them services and products that exceeds their expectations.

Our main objective is to continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality assurance system through the active involvement and participation of our customers, suppliers and employees.