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Welcome to Serum products

Since 1974, Serum Products group is manufacturing and marketing a wide range of intravenous and irrigation solutions in the Lebanese healthcare market and the Levant region.
Serum Products, located in Choueifat - Lebanon, is an ISO certified and GMP qualified pharmaceutical organization with unsurpassed experience in various segments: Critical care, pre and post-surgery, parenteral nutrition, urology, ophthalmology, infectology, gastrology, cardiovascular and nephrology.
Innovation, quality and proficiency meet here to continuously fulfil the needs of healthcare professionals and deliver sustainable care for patients...



 • We provide distinctive products and services that save and improves lives, satisfy customer needs and to be recognized as a great place to work.



 • We aspire to make a difference in the lives of people globally through our innovative medicines consumer health products. 

 • We aspire to be the best healthcare company in the region and are dedicated to providing leading solutions for hospital use.


Core Values: 

 • Serum Products s.a.r.l set its core values to identify the guiding principles that dictate people behaviors and actions within the company.






CEO Word

Despite the difficult times encountered in Lebanon during the past decades and the severe destructions of our facility in 2006 resulting from war, the board of Directors of Serum Products kept faith in the country and its people.
The shareholders decided at that time to live the dream and build the latest generation production facility to hopefully reach 45 years of service and dedication. The decision was not easy to take but the past experience, the will and dedication of the people made it happen.

Today, we are proud to say that we achieved from our expertise a medical progress at the service of the patient and healthcare professionals. Our past and our will make us stronger and eager to serve in the best way possible. 
Now the future is ahead of us in terms of research, expansion, innovation and growth. Many projects are under execution and planned: the new facility we launched in 2014, the new product pipeline and the expansion of the international presence mainly through new markets and licensing. 

With the professionalism, expertise, ambition and passion our team is determined and confident to achieve the best results.


Since the early 70s, Serum Products group is manufacturing and marketing a wide range of intravenous and irrigation solutions in the Lebanese healthcare market and the Levant region. Serum Products, located in Choueifat - Lebanon, is an ISO certified and GMP qualified pharmaceutical organization.

Since people are the main asset of the organization, the main concern of our Human Resources department is to retain and develop our people.

We aim for a continuous learning and experience sharing based on competencies management system to enhance peoples’ skills which contributes to a progressive and productive work environment to meet the challenges of the changing markets.

The combined expertise, know-how and competencies of our multi-disciplinary team guarantee the ultimate quality of our products.




Sustainable Development is multidimensional and implemented to maintain social fairness, respect the environment and save energy.


People: They are our main asset! We give talented people a chance to work with us while we encourage diversity, values and egalitarianism.
At Serum Products we have gender equality, a multidisciplinary team. We insist on employing people with physical disability, people of certain age in part-time jobs and we train pre-graduated students for a better professional integration. We are eager to preserve our team by constantly implementing measures to avoid work accidents. We continuously encourage and participate in humanitarian events where we invest as supporters to fight medical conditions and social causes.


Environment: Our commitment to respect the environment focuses on 3 main elements (air, water and soil).
First, we constantly work on reducing the air pollution and dust proliferation by using simple techniques. All our electrical generators are equipped with a special filtration and our boilers have a built in CO control and are classified by the manufacturers as environment friendly. Second, the water – the essential resource used for our products – is treated with caution. All water treatment activities are monitored with a dedicated SCADA system and all rejected water generated from the water treatment is used for cooling activities in the manufacturing process and environment monitoring. Waste water is properly stored in plastic waterproof (nonpolluting) tanks before dispatch in the allowed channels. Finally, and to complete our environmental commitment, we focus on the soil respect. All our storage fuel tanks are designed to avoid any leaking in the underground and are monitored online. The toxic materials such as acid and base rejects are treated prior to dispensing with a validated method. In addition to that, we are strongly invested in the management waste. All our waste (Plastic, carton and other waste) is sorted and recycled in association with specialized contractors on the Lebanese market.


Energy saving: Our systems and machines are equipped with energy saving techniques.
All the motors are equipped with VFD (Variable Frequency Drives). All the chillers are equipped with step system enabling to use less energy. Electrical generators are equipped with ECM (Electrical Control Module) to save diesel consumption. Save energy and sensor activated lamps are used in all the premises. Since our products are bulky and our customers are spread all over the territory and the region, Serum Products has put systems in place to encourage group deliveries of orders. We are planning to invest soon in the Photovoltaic panels to save more energy and spread cleanliness. As a stakeholder, it is our obligation to do business in a responsible manner in our relation with people, customers, healthcare specialists and patients, shareholders and environment.